Everything you need to know about living in Fredericksburg

Everything you need to know about living in Fredericksburg

I’ve lived in a lot of different places over the course of my life. As an Air Force brat, an Airman myself, and later a Marine Corps wife, moving seemed to be part of my DNA. It was woven into my very fiber.

Here in Fredericksburg things are different. Maybe it’s something they put in Carl’s ice cream but the community reaches out and envelopes you in a way I haven’t seen anywhere else. If you talk to someone for more than a minute, you will be invited over for book club, beers on the front porch, or the latest neighborhood event. You will be motivated & encouraged to volunteer for things you never thought about before. The issues you care about in your own family & home are actually quiet crusades here in the ‘Burg and you will join in.

There is more to do every weekend than you can possibly even write on your calendar. Buy event tickets early because they will sell out. Love galas? There are plenty to go around. Charity events? Ditto. Something outside? Your cup will overflow. Something to do with the kids? Yep, that’s covered too.

Fredericksburg is where my family has started to put down roots. It’s where we know every neighbor by name and they know us. It’s where neighborhood block parties are the norm because everyone lives on the best street. Fredericksburg isn’t where I started out but it sure feels a lot like home.

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Hot Spot of the Week: Fredericksburg Cupcake

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Hot Spot of the Week: Fredericksburg Cupcake

Fredericksburg Cupcake on George Street is absolutely a must stop when you’re downtown!

Their cupcake flavors are bold without being “weird”. If you know what I mean. The Guinness cupcakes were so moist and tasty, the strawberry flavor was heavenly, and the dark chocolate chocolate cupcakes were divine!

We bought a dozen cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday recently and were not disappointed with any of the flavors. My 8 year old’s favorite was the rose water. 🤷 He’s an adventurous eater for sure! My daughter loved the strawberry & her friends loved the red velvet and peanut butter. Overall, they were a HUGE hit around here.

Try them out next time you’re out and about downtown, or if you need cupcakes for your next celebration. Or, you know, a random Wednesday.

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Hot Spot of the Week: MIAN

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Hot Spot of the Week: MIAN

“No Noodle, No Life” & “Know Noodle, Know Life” are mantras to live by, especially if you love pho bowls 🍜 as much as I do! These are the words inscribed on the walls of Mian Noodle House.

Downtown Fredericksburg definitely gained a gem when Mian opened it’s doors in early 2018! This Asian Fusion, noodle restaurant is AMAZING! My family loves the build your own pho bowls and the chicken rice bowl. We’re not big meat eaters around here and the tofu option is some of the best I’ve ever had. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should!

Mian is owned by the same family that owns and operates UMI, another local favorite. The tables in Mian were made by Fraser Wood Elements, located just one street over on Caroline. I love it when neighbors support neighbors 😍. The artwork is pretty fantastic too!.

When you visit, be sure to drop me a line letting me know what your favorite noodle bowl is so I know what to try next. Bonus points for pictures! 📷

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Hot Spot of the Week – FORT pure play

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Hot Spot of the Week – FORT pure play

Mamas, if you’re looking for an AMAZING 🦄 place to take your kids to play in this frigid weather, FORT Pure Play is for you!! Their motto is “Pure play is our work, and they mean it!

FORT is the place where kids can let their imaginations run wild and leave relaxed, calm, and content. Walking in, a FORT friend will ask you if you want coffee, or tea, or water and the atmosphere is positively enchanted. It’s like taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and resetting your whole day. I know that it’s supposed to be a play place for the kiddos, but seriously I would go by myself to just sit and take in the wonder and quiet. The FORT friends also PLAY with your kids ✨. That is worth a million times more than the cost of the monthly pass!

Even the actual space itself is amazing. It looks like a cottage that jumped out of the pages of a Norwegian HGTV magazine. Every detail was so well thought out, from the kid-height farmhouse sink, the elegant display shelves in the kitchen, the comfy leather sling chairs, the river rock bathroom floor, the actual tree upstairs, right down to the lavender scented towels and cold water on the way out. (Sorry mamas, the towels and water are for the kids, although you could probably sweet talk them into giving you one too. 😉)

I thought that my 8-year old would be too grown up but that is happily not the case! When it’s warmer he loves to play in the fort out back, shoot some hoops, or just chill on the FORT lawn. Inside he builds houses, sets up stores, and makes racetracks for cars. Seriously, you HAVE to check it out!

FORT is located at 202 Herndon Street, in downtown Fredericksburg, 22401. For more information or to sign up, check out there website: Fortpureplay.com. See you there!

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Pie Shops

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Pie Shops

It’s National Pie Day!!

I don’t have a sweet tooth. I don’t crave cakes, cupcakes, candy, cookies, or ice cream but I NEVER turn down a pie. I mean it’s mostly fruit anyway, right?? I have major thing for pie.

As a matter of fact, I joined the office “Biggest Loser” contest to jump start my 2019 goal of getting in better shape. The next day I ate blueberry pie for lunch. Seriously. No self control.

If you’re craving some AMAZING pie, here’s my list of best pies in Fredericksburg. I have selflessly taste tested each one so feel free to ask for recommendations if you have a specific pie need. Check out the links for more info about each pie establishment.

1. Paul’s Bakery – Best known for their amazing donuts, Paul’s also makes a terrific pie. They’re an old-school, family-run establishment, in business since 1973.
2008 Lafayette Blvd Fredericksburg VA 22401

2. Eileen’s Bakery and Cafe – Eileen’s is one of the first places I discovered after moving to Fredericksburg. They’re lunches are out of this world! The pies? Fabulous! The also bake for special events.
1115 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, VA 22401

3. Basilico New York Deli – A true gem in downtown Fredericksburg. This family owned deli wins the most elaborate dessert award! If you’re not in the mood for pie, I suggest the gelato. They now have a second location in Spotsylvania too.
2577 Cowan Boulevard
Fredericksburg 22401

4. Mandala Pies – Winner of the 2017 “Made in Fred VA” contest. Mandala Pies is a veteran owned bakery specializing in stunning pies. They have a Valentine’s Day Pie Preparation Workshop coming up that looks so fun! To sign up or read more about the business, click the link above to check out their Facebook page.

5. Braehead Farm – For authentic, farm fresh pie, you really can’t get any better than Braehead Farm pies. This is where I get my weekly pie fix. For real. Every Tuesday and/or Thursday (because sometimes it’s a two pie week around here). I haven’t found a better butter crust and I’m a pretty mean pie crust baker myself. Do yourself a favor and go pick one up & be sure to tell them Amber sent you.
1130 Tyler Street Fredericksburg 22401

6. Mechelle’s Baking Company – I was introduced to Mechelle’s at the Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market last summer. Her pies knock it out of the park and she is truly a genuinely kind, fun, beautiful soul. Mechelle also caters but I hear she fills up fast so call soon if you have an event (yep, she’s that good).
Look for her at the Farmer’s Market or follow her on Facebook (link above)

Fredericksburg Field Guide: Trivia Night

Hooray for Friday!! I have recently discovered that Trivia Nights are kind of a big deal around here. My favorite game is Scrabble but Trivia is a pretty close second. Here is a list of Trivia Nights at local Fredericksburg haunts. Need someone on your team who knows plenty of useless, random facts? I’m your girl. Need someone who can actually answer trivia questions? Maybe not so much . . . unless they’re asking about real estate! 😆 What is your favorite trivia question or category?

J. Brian’s Tap Room
Downtown Fredericksburg
200 Hanover Street

Red Dragon Brewery
Downtown Fredericksburg
1419 Princess Anne Street

Sunken Well Tavern
Downtown Fredericksburg
720 Littlepage Street

Capital Ale House
Downtown Fredericksburg
917 Caroline Street

Spencer Devon Brewery
Downtown Fredericksburg
106 George Street

Adventure Brewing Company
Bowman Center
33 Perchwood Drive

Colonial Tavern
Downtown Fredericksburg (near the VRE station)
406 Lafayette Street