Are you dreaming of getting away? Maybe you just want a little alone time with your sweetheart? Does that feel impossible with everyone hovering ALL THE TIME?! Yeah, I’m feeling that too. If you’re looking for an awesome date night this weekend during the “stay at home” order, let me share my top secret plan with you…

First, I’ll order a charcuterie plate and a gallon (or whatever size they come in) of the Ticket to Thailand drink from Fahrenheit 132. We’ll pick that up later tonight. Next, I’ll send an SOS to Vivify Burger for a curbside pickup of burgers and milkshakes for dinner. Finally, I’ll set all of my clocks ahead by, oh I don’t know, let’s say 2 hours.

So we’ll eat at 5:00 which my kids will think is 7:00. After that we’ll play UNO Flip for an hour as a family. Then we’ll send the youngest up to bed by 6:30 (he’ll think it’s his bedtime). My teenager will head up to video chat with her friends for a couple of hours. While the teenager is completing her nightly beauty routine, my husband will sneak out to pick up our Fahrenheit order. By the time he gets back the teenager will be ready for bed. Or at least ready to hide in her room for the night. Then, violá, date night!

And yes, I will be eating my Woodstock burger with pickled carrots, cilantro, jalapeños and mojo sauce AND a salted caramel milkshake AND the charcuterie from Fahrenheit. Hey, it’s coronacation, there are no rules any more.

Pro tip: when you set the clocks ahead also change the time zone on the teenagers phone. You’re welcome.  Just don’t forget to turn everything back to normal once the kids are in bed.

What date night plans do you have tonight?