Quarantine time (or coronacation as we call it at our house) has made it easy to lose track of the days. If you or someone you love has fallen victim to this wild time warp, here is your public service announcement: TOMORROW IS MOTHER’S DAY. Yes, tomorrow. If you’re about to be in hot water let me help you out with a few super last minute gift ideas.

Gift cards to any shop downtown or a Fredericksburg gift card good for most places downtown. Some suggestions are: Monkees, Willow, Skin Touch Therapy, Joshua Lawrence, Phosphene Studio, Agora Coffee, Hyperion Espresso, or if you can’t decide, Fredericksburg¬†Downtown has your back.


If you’re looking for something more low-key try this recipe from King Arthur Flour to serve Mom breakfast in bed. It’s my favorite, hard to mess up, puff pancake, made in the oven, and tastes like Heaven. ¬†Trust me on this one. Pair with a cup of coffee and Mom will be impressed. Just don’t forget to do the dishes when you’re done.






To really win mom’s heart this Mother’s Day, do the Face the Foliage art project with your kids. It works with all ages (you should try one too!). You don’t even need to go to the store, just use stuff you find in your backyard or kitchen, and grab some paper and glue (or tape). If you need more inspiration check out this Instagram page. Don’t forget to follow @househomeloveva while you’re there!

These are the projects my 9 & 16 year old did on the fly today.