It seems like everything needs to change. Everything needs reform. Everything needs to be done. But everything is too overwhelming.  It’s hard to focus on all the problems at once. It’s much easier to take action when you have a specific goal and you make one move at a time. I love my community and so this week I’m focusing on just one thing I can do to help my neighbors. I’m hosting a virtual food drive for the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank.

So many people have been out of work or struggling because of Covid-19 and while the restrictions are easing, not everyone has gone back.  According to a Marketplace-Edison Research Poll, 44% of Americans fear they won’t have enough food because of the economic situation surrounding the coronavirus. Let that sink in. 44% of Americans. That is nearly half of the population. With the uncertainty in the market persisting, the need is real and every little bit helps.

I will be donating virtually to the regional food bank, but also in person to the FUMC Food Pantry downtown. If you also feel led to help, the link to the virtual drive is below. If you’d rather give groceries and would like me to pick up and deliver, I would love to do that. 

If you know someone who could use an extra bag of groceries send me an email or text and I’ll make sure it happens. ❤️…/househomelovefxbg-virtual-foo…/