During our “Coronacation”, the kids and I look for a way to help a friend, another family, a small business, or just each other at least once a week. It helps keep the focus on what we can do instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. My 16 year old loves to take fresh baked bread and coffee to her friends’ families. My 9 year old mostly likes to support local businesses (especially when it comes to Vivify Burger’s milkshakes 😉). He also enjoys writing letters to family & friends. That’s not to say that everything is always rosy or that our days aren’t sometimes difficult.

This past weekend my son was having a rough day. So we sat together in my favorite comfy chair to read a short devotional. The devotion was about a struggling family and how in the midst of lost jobs and financial strain the community came together to support them. At the end of the passage the author says “Sometimes God’s sweetest blessings are in a bag of groceries. The next time you’re at the store, grab an extra bag and fill it for a family.” When I read that part out loud I turned and told Gus that I thought that was a brilliant way we could help someone this week. And he said, “Mama, that’s what we should’ve been doing anyway.” Out of the mouths of babes, right? It is absolutely what we should be doing.

So today when I order my groceries from InstaCart I’ll let the kids choose groceries they think a family would like. We’ll fill up an extra bag with the hope that bag will be a blessing to whoever gets it.  If you know someone who could use a little extra this week please let me know. We will deliver to the front porch, no questions asked. You can reach me by email at amber@househomelovefxbg.com.